Biggest Tires on A Stock Ford Bronco (W/Without A Lift)

If you’re interested to know the biggest tire size you can fit on your Ford Bronco running on stock suspension, then you’ve come to the right place. A big tire upgrade is usually one of the first and most popular modifications to off-road trucks since it’s the easiest way to get a more aggressive look, increase the ride height, and improve traction and capability both on and off-road. So what are your big tire options on the Non-Sasquatch Bronco Badlands, DB, and OBX models?

On non-Sasquatch Broncos, If you are willing to remove your crash bars then a 35″ tire can work. If, however, you keep the crash bars most are finding 33″ tires to be a comfortable size with no rubbing or modifications.

The next part of this article will discuss what your big tire options are for non-Sasquatch models and what is required to make them fit.

Biggest Tires on A Stock Ford Bronco

The Bronco range comes in a wide array of models to suit various applications rounding off the lineup with the Bronco Raptor which is the flagship model. The Bronco Raptor is an amazing piece of machinery that is fully kitted for off-road use straight off the showroom floor. But what if you own a non-Sasquatch model and want a mode beefier look to your Bronco and make it a bit more capable for some offroad use?

Let’s start with what’s required to fit 33-inch tires on your DB and OBX models.

Difference between 33 and 315 tires (Size, weight, height)

Fitting 33-inch tires on Bronco BIG BEND, BLACK DIAMOND & OBX (NON-SAS MODELS)

The Non-Badlands models come equipped with approximately 32-inch tires of various formats ranging from 255/75/17 to 265/7017, to 255/70/18 which is just begging for a 33-inch tire. So, this begs the question, are you able to fit A 33-inch tire to your stock Non-Sasquatch Bronco?

The answer is yes and no, and I’ll explain why. The width of your non-sas rim is actually what complicates matters a bit. If you opt to fit Badlands rims & tires which have a width of approximately 7.5” on the stock 18” wheels, then you should be fine. No rubbing at full lock. However, if you want to keep your stock non-Sas models rims then you might get some rubbing which will require you to remove the front crash bars. More about that procedure below.  If you keep the crash bars most are finding 33″ tires to be a comfortable size with no rubbing or modifications.

Can you fit 35s on a Non-Sasquatch Bronco Badlands

If you are considering fitting 35s to your non-Sas Bronco and are not sure of the size and fit you’ve come to the right place! The most commonly fitted 35-inch tire is a 35×12.50 on a 17-inch wheel/rim. The recommended width for your aftermarket tire would be 8.5 wide with a zero (0) offset.

What is there to know?

Things to Consider

Firstly, it Is quite a heavy combo weighing in at 81.6 lbs so expect your fuel economy to take a bit of a dip. This is because the wheels are bigger and heavier and form part of the unsprung weight since it is positioned below the suspension.  This size also has a direct impact on fuel economy. Your braking and acceleration will also be affected.

Anyway, you can’t win them all, unfortunately, so getting back to the setup, we are running a non-Sas Bronco with a stock suspension. No lift!

The good news is the spare wheel tire fits nicely and snugly. You do, however, have minimum clearance from the rear brake light bracket. It barely clears but it does and there is no need to remove it. Unfortunately, there is no adjustability on the brake light bracket to lift it up a bit.

Does it Scrub?

When running a stock suspension with absolutely zero additional mods, yes, it touches the inside of the wheel arch as well as the front crash bars. To remedy this, you’ll need to remove the front crash bars to clear the tires properly. The tire hits the crash bars in the front as well as the rear crash bars – which means they both need to be removed.

What about the Crash Bars?

Once the crash bars have been removed there is absolutely no scrub at full lock.

Full lock to the right and left with no rub at all. It is for this very reason that they don’t scrub on the Sasquatch because they don’t have crash bars. Bear in mind that this is just to answer a very common question and to identify what the biggest tire is you can fit. It’s not the ideal setup for offroad applications since there isn’t much in terms of wheel clearance for offroad wheel articulation. For on-road and highway driving it is functional but not the most practical.

Will factory 35s from the SASQUATCH fit a non-Sasquatch Bronco?

If your plan is to bolt on the factory SASQUATCH rims and tires (35″ tires) then the only thing you’ll have to do is remove the crash bars. It’s a relatively simple procedure with two bolts on the front and rear. Remember, you’ll have to remove the front end-caps first to be able to remove the front crash bars.

Alternatively, you can opt for a 255/80r17 which is still a 33” tire on the stock NON-SAS models like the BD or OB without any additional mods. In this instance, there is no need to remove the crash bars and you won’t experience any rubbing.

Below are a few alternative sizes you can compare to 35×12.5×17 that might have a better fit.

SizeDiameterWidthSidewallWidth DifferenceSidewall Difference

Fitting 35s on a Badlands Non-Sasquatch Bronco Badlands

Let’s say you want a more aggressive look then you should opt for a more negative offset wheel/rim. Something along the lines of an 8.5 wide -12 offset wheel/rim. Combine that with a 35×12.50 17 tire and you’ll have a very aggressive offset that definitely will stick out a bit more. This combination looks amazing and gives the Bronco a really menacing look.

With the crash bars removed front and rear of the front wheel well there will be no rubbing at full lock. Remember, even with the crash bars removed, it’s quite a tight fit and not the most practical solution. A 1.5” lift kit will solve this problem.  This will suffice for on-road driving but is not recommended for off-road driving since the clearance is minimal.

It really looks amazing and will definitely have some presence with a small lift kit.

Read more about the difference between 33 and 35-inch tires (size, weight, height)

Can You Fit 37s On a Bronco Badlands Without the Sasquatch Package? (NO LIFT)

So you want to stuff 37s under your Bronco without a lift? Well, it can be done but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it. The recommended tire size would be 37×12.50 on 17s with +35mm Positive offset. The Positive offset sits flush inside the wheel arches. This size is tall and great for ground clearance.

The Bronco looks absolutely amazing with a positive offset. It definitely needs a lift kit if you intend to do any off-road driving and it’s a really snug tight fit. You can get away with it but it’s not recommended. You won’t be able to say take a turn and hit a bump simultaneously or carry a full carload of passengers since the clearance is minimal. Even the rear clearance is marginal. The spare wheel won’t fit with the rear brake light bracket on either.

The 37-inch tires will just about fit without a lift kit installed. These wheels are too big for the stock suspension and if your intention is to go offroad you will need a decent suspension upgrade. Maybe the smallest 37-inch tire will be a better option.

Let’s see!

Below are a few alternative sizes you can compare to 37×12.5×17

 that might have a better fit?

SizeDiameterWidthSidewallWidth DifferenceSidewall Difference

Removing the Crash Bars

Need to remove the crash bars in the front on the NON-Sasquatch models to allow enough clearance for the 35s. The good news is it’s a simple bolt-off but the bad news is you need to remove the front endcap on the front bumper.

The rear crash bars are also bolt-on brackets that slide out relatively easily. Once removed you need to re-fit the endcaps on the front bumper.

Fender Trimming

There is no trimming needed, only the removal of the front and rear crash bars in the front wheel well.

WATCH – Fitting 35s and 37s on a Ford Bronco Badlands (VIDEO)

User Experience & Feedback

User 1

I put 33s on my OBX 285/70/17 on new wheels of course and I had to remove the crash bars, they rubbed at full wheel lock turning.

User 2

33s don’t rub while keeping crash bars. Anything more than that and you’ll require wheel offset/lift

User 3

The problem begins with the width (7.5” if I remember correctly) of the stock 18” wheels. It really limits your choices. I swapped mine for a set of stock Badlands wheels/tires no rubbing off-road, no lift and you can usually find them for about the same price as just buying tires for your rims.

User 4

Some forum members are putting Sas-sized tires (315/70R17) on their OBX and other such versions of Broncos, using stock +55mm offset wheels and no lift. Although a few have mentioned some rub against the sway bar at full lock. And I bet they might have the tire hitting the fender in certain conditions off-road without a lift. But yeah the 285/70R18 should fit but might need to remove the crash bars. The crash bars don’t seem a big deal anyway, they are not even included on the Sas.

33” Tires vs 35” Tires and your Speedometer?

When you upgrade from a stock tire to one with a taller aspect ratio (Sidewall), increasing the wheel circumference, your speedo can be thrown out. In the case of 33” tires, the diameter will be larger and have an increase in the aspect ratio. This might throw out your speedometer reading slightly. The increase in tire circumference means the actual speed will be higher the faster you travel.  

The below table will give you an indication of how the speedometer reading is affected between a 33” and a 35”.

33” Speedo reading20mph30mph40mph50mph60mph70mph80mph90mph
35” Speedo Reading21.3mph32mph42.7mph53.4mph64mph74.7mph85.4mph96mph

Below are the physical differences between 33” and 35” tires both on a 16” rim

Measurement33” Tire (285/75/16)35” Tire (35/10.5/16)Differences
Diameter32.8″ (883mm)35″ (889mm)+6.7%
Width11.2″ (285mm)10.5″ (267mm)-6.2%
Sidewall8.4″ (213mm)9.5″ (241mm)+13.1%
Circumference103.1″ (2619mm)109.9″ (2791mm)+6.7%
Revs/Mile615 (382mm)577 (359mm)-38

Read the full article below:



Ford Broncos are legendary trucks with a reputation for capability and toughness. So, fitting bigger tires will only improve its already superior offroad capabilities and enhance its aesthetics if done correctly. Bigger however isn’t always better in all cases and you need to factor in a few things, such as:

  • Fender Clearance
  • Do you want to cut away any wheel well plastic guards
  • Is the stock wheel offset enough?
  • Will the spare wheel fit
  • Should you remove the Crash bars?

Once you have the answers to these and you know what your intended purpose for your tire upgrade is, you will be able to make a more informed decision. Tires are pretty expensive and not something you want to be changing too often so make sure your tire and wheel size choice is suited to your intended application.

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