Biggest Tires on Stock 2019 F250 4×4

So you want to know what your tire options are on the Ford F250. Well, you’ve come to the right place and you have the perfect truck for a big tire upgrade. The nice thing about these trucks is they are SFA (Solid Front Axles) so the customization is a lot simpler and you have a nice variety of sizes to choose from.

So what’s the biggest tire you can fit on a stock F250? The biggest tire you can fit on a stock 2019 F250 with no suspension upgrade or aftermarket rims is: 34.6” on  12.4” x 16” If you are prepared to fit a 2” lift you can comfortably fit 35”x12.5” R20

Next, we’ll cover the various tire options available from a small to large lift on these F250s. The nice thing about the F250 having a Solid Front Axle is that the upgrade is a fairly straightforward procedure since there is not a lot of technical geometry going on. It’s a simple case of lowering and fitting. SFA FTW!!!

Let’s get into it.

Biggest Tires on a F250 – No Lift

Before you run off and slap on the biggest tires on your truck, you need to consider what your intended purpose is for the upgrade. Are you going off-road? Are you simply doing anesthetics (looks) upgrade? Is the truck used for hauling, commuting, or towing? All these factors will play a part when considering a big tire upgrade. Your motive for the upgrade should be to determine the biggest tire size you SHOULD fit for your application, rather than what you can get away with. Bigger is not always better in all scenarios.

Your motive for the upgrade should be to determine the biggest tire size you SHOULD fit for your application

Your tire and wheel selection should be in-line with your application. A big tire upgrade for off-road purposes will be very different from that of a bigger-diameter rim upgrade, which is purely for aesthetics.

As mentioned from the outset the largest you can fit without scrubbing, or cutting off wheel arch plastic is the 34” on a 16” inch rim. (eg. 315/75/16) The most popular combinations of 34” can work.

If you are prepared to remove the mud flaps, you can go slightly wider with a 295 tire on an 18” profile.

Once you install a small 2” lift your tire and rim options immediately widen, so let’s see what is possible

Biggest Tires on a F250 – Small Lift (2”+)

If you decide to go big and install a package with adjustable coilovers, your tire options will be much wider. Most of the kits for the F250 are super simple and there are many inexpensive options available. The upgrade kits include the radius and pitman arms which are a straight bolt-on bolt-off fit.

So with a small leveling kit, you can run 10” wide and 35”x10.5”. There will be some minor plastic trimming involved but nothing too crazy.

This is a pretty decent size for such a small lift! Wow!

That’s basically because these trucks sit quite high from the factory, plus the SFA suspensions, which allow you to run bigger wheels and tires with a lot more ease, compared to 1500, for example. So if you install a small leveling kit of 2”-3” you will be good.

What if you go bigger – let’s say 4”, what are your options?  Let’s see!

Biggest Tires on a F250- Large Lift (4”)

So you want to go bigger than a 2-3 and the next jump-up is of course the 4” lift kit.

What are the biggest wheel options for this kind of lift? 

You can without a doubt fit 35”x12.5” running 12” wide tires. It’s still a 35” however you can now get away with a wider tire. The 12 wide does stick out quite a bit.

According to my research, there will be no need to trim or readjust anything in the wheel well areas.

The F250 Super-Duty trucks don’t have crash bars that take up space in the wheel wells, so that’s not a problem either. Those big round wheel arches fit those 35” with ease and they look fantastic!

What if you want to go bigger than a 4” lift? Let’s have a look!

Biggest Tires on a F250- Biggest Lift (6”)

So, surprisingly enough, the 6” lift seems to be the most popular lift choice among F250 owners. Probably because there is not much of a price difference between the 4” and the 6” kits, so many owners simply opt for the 6” since you can get away with a lot more wheel options.

Virtually all the lift kit brands are offered in a 6” so you have plenty to choose from there.

So, what’s the biggest size you can fit with the 6” lift kit?

You are looking at a 37”x12.5” running 12” wide. If you don’t want to go that big you can opt for a 35” running 14 wide.

8” Coil-Overs

If you want to really stick out and make that truck pop, you can opt for an 8” coil-over kit. These allow you to run a 40” wheel on 14” wides.

The wheel diameter isn’t as important when it comes to fitment, but rather the offset and how far the wheel protrudes the arches.

Biggest Wheel to Lift Summary on F250

So this is a quick glance at what your biggest options are in terms of lift and wheel sizes.

Stock33” x 12.5”Stock rims
2”-3“ lift kit35” x 10.5”10”
4” Lift35”x12.5”12”
6” Lift37”x12.5”14”
8” Coil-overs40”14”

Biggest Tires on Stock 2017 F250 4×4

The biggest tire you can fit on a 2019 F250 with no suspension upgrade or aftermarket rims are 275/65/20 or 295 on an 18”. If you are prepared to fit a 2” lift you can comfortably fit 35”x12.5” R20


Below is a size comparison chart of all the 34” tires available.

17″ Wheel Size

275/80R17 = 34.3X10.8R17
315/70R17 = 34.4×12.4R17
325/70R17 = 34.9×12.8R17

18″ Wheel Size

285/75R18 = 34.8×11.2R18
295/70R18 = 34.3X11.6R18
305/70R18 = 34.8x12R18
325/65R18 = 34.6×12.8R18

20″ Wheel Size

275/65R20 = 34.1×10.8R20
285/65R20 = 34.6×11.2R20
305/60R20 = 34.4x12R20
315/60R20 = 34.9×12.4R20
355/50R20 = 34X14R20

22″ Wheel Size

285/55R22 = 34.3X11.2R22
295/55R22 = 34.8X11.6R22
305/50R22 = 34x12R22
325/50R22 = 34.8×12.8R22

2017 F250 with 37 Inch Tires

If you want to run 37” tires on a 2017 F250 you will need a 6” lift. There will be some minor plastic trimming required to make the wheel fit perfectly and turn at full lock without scrubbing. The trimming on the front valance is needed.

With a 6” you can fit 37″x13.5″ on a 20” x 10.


For all your fitment queries, head over to:

The guys over at have tens of thousands of examples of various tire fitments on all the popular trucks with honest feedback from the owners on what is required to make the wheel fit.


The nice thing about the F250 is that it’s packed with power, which means with 385BHP to 475BHP you can easily fit a 40” tire and it wouldn’t really feel it. You have to make sure the vehicle you are fitting the oversized tires on has the capacity to lug around this heavy unsprung weight. Bigger tires can negatively affect your MPG if you go too big and way outside the manufacturer’s margins.

Based on thousands of F250 owners providing honest feedback on the website, we are able to get helpful, real-world examples and fitment data of what does and doesn’t work on the F250 and many other trucks.  

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