The Ultimate Jeep Wrangler DIY Diagnosis and Repair Guide

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Congratulation for downloading the ultimate troubleshooting and diagnosis resource for any Jeep Wrangler Owner. Nothing like this has been done before, and is one of the most powerful and helpful tools you will possess as a Wrangler owner.

This resource will give you step by step guide on how to troubleshoot most of the Jeep Wrangler’s common problems and answer most of the common Wrangler questions. What makes this guide so unique is, you don’t need to know what the problem is beforehand, in order to successfully diagnose and repair it. This guide will explain it to you in basic, simple English and what you need to do, to resolve the problem.

How does this differ from an owner’s manual or a service manual? The Owner’s manual is mainly an operational guide on the best practices the user needs to follow, as specified by the manufacturer. There are no troubleshooting or diagnosis procedures in an Owner’s Manual.

A Service manual is specifically designed for a skilled, fully qualified Jeep service technician or mechanic who has prior technical knowledge and experience. Most of the time, they already know what the problem is and simply need to follow the correct procedures. You do not!

This guide is very powerful in that it takes you through a series of questions and narrows down the problem to one or more possible components, based on the described symptoms. It’s like having your own personal mechanic with your 24/7.

Who is this guide intended for?

  • Wrangler and Gladiator Owners
  • DIY Type person
  • limited Diagnostic Experience
  • Out of warranty Jeep Owners
  • Overlanders & Off-roaders

Anyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK, JL or Gladiator will benefit greatly. If you are a hands on DIY type person but have limited knowledge on the inner workings of your Jeep’s engine, transmission, and drivetrain, then this guide will be perfect for you. If your Jeep is out of warranty and you want to keep maintenance costs down, this guide is perfect for you.

Do you do extended off-road trips and overlanding? This guide could save your bacon when something goes wrong in the middle of nowhere.