Largest Tires on a Ford Ranger (Biggest Tires, No lift)

Most would agree with me when I say, beefy tires on almost any 4WD just look pure butch! It gives a more aggressive stance which greatly improves the aesthetics and street cred, or should I say bush cred of your 4WD. But this simple upgrade isn’t always a straight forward procedure, especially if we intend using the vehicle for off-road applications. Dare I say, in this instance, size does matter!

So, what is the largest tire you can fit on a Ford Ranger? The largest 17-inch size tire you can fit on a stock suspension without causing body scrub is roughly a 31.6. That is if you intend to venture off-road. For everyday driving, you could increase the wheel size to 18 inches and fit a 31.6 equivalent.

Sizes that will fit are:

  1. 265/70/17 (31.6 inches) off-road friendly (recommended)
  2. 265/75/16 (31.6 inches) off-road friendly (recommended)
  3. 285/70/17 (32.7 inches) on-road only & scrubs interior wheel arch, needs a lift for off-road
  4. 265/65/18 (31.6 inches) on-road only

The stock 2019 Ford Ranger tires are 255/65/R17 and 255/70/R16, which is roughly a 30.1 inch. If you upgrade to a 265/70/17 it only equates to roughly +5% difference in diameter and a 4% increase in width which is still well within the factory specifications. Your speedometer reading will still run relatively true and no additional strain will be placed on any other stock suspension and drivetrain components.

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285/70/17 (32.7”) and stock Ford Ranger suspension

If you want to squeeze a set of 33’s on the ranger without any suspension modifications there are 2 important things to consider first.

  1. Backspacing/Wheel offset
  2. Crash Bars/Beams

So right off the bat, yes it can be done, but not without a few minor modifications first. The first problem you’ll have is the backspacing, or lack thereof for 33’s on stock rims. That is a very important factor to take into consideration with any tire upgrade, backspacing.

Ford ranger wheel backspacing

Simply put, It refers to the distance from the hub mounting surface to the inside lip of the wheel (measured in inches).

Watch them fit a sweet set of FOX Stage 1 suspension package on this PX2 Ford Ranger

The second issue is the Ford Ranger Crash Bars

The crash bars protrude and the bigger 285/70/17 tire makes contact so this will need to be removed/modified first so as not to damage the new tires.

Take note that off-road travel and trails is strictly prohibited with the 285’s until you do a suspension upgrade first.

Factory Stock suspension

All of the above mentioned sizes are assuming you are running a factory stock suspension with no additional upgrades. If you upgrade the suspension or fit a body lift or change the rim to something with a more negative offset which affects your backspacing (you can read more about backspacing here) the figures will change allowing you to fit a bigger and wider tire like a 285 and even a 305.

Spare Tire

Always make sure you upgrade the spare wheel tire to the new size as well, since in the event of an emergency requiring you to quickly swap to the spare to get you out of a tricky situation. The smaller stock diameter tire will place enormous strain on your spider gears, which if driven for too long could result in further drivetrain damage.

It kind of stinks having to spend so much on a tire that will be hidden beneath your truck, so to keep initial costs low, perhaps consider buying a used spare tire of the same size as your upgraded tires.

So what about the Raptor? What is the largest tire size we can fit on them without any suspension upgrades?

Let’s have a look.

Largest Tires on a 2019 + Ford Ranger Raptor with a Stock Suspension

The stock tires on a Ranger Raptor is 32.7 inches.  

Ford Ranger 2019 2.0 Raptor


285/65R17       OE

285/70R17       OE

265/60R18       110T

The wheel arches on a Raptor are bigger than a stock Ranger PX2 and allow for bigger 33” tires without much hassle. You could safely add a 305 or even a 315 tire in the Raptor with little drama.

The frame design incorporates new geometry for the large suspension, providing the Raptor DNA with increased track and wheel travel, meaning the suspension setup is highly sophisticated can accommodate a bigger tire much easier.

The Ranger Raptor has an innovative new coil-over rear suspension that uses a Watt’s link setup with solid rear axle. This provides superior lateral control off-road while also helping improve ride and handling.

Have a look at this engineering marvel:

2019 ford ranger 33 inch tires

So as mentioned previously, fitting 33’’ tires to the new 2019 Ford Ranger isn’t much of a big deal. Again, if you intend on venturing off-road and still want the maximum articulation the ranger has to offer then you might have to do a bit more. The stock suspension and rim combination doesn’t allow for a 33” to bolt straight on. You need a (3/8”) spacer, otherwise it will rub against the spindle.

Alternatively upgrading your wheels to something with a more negative offset to improve the backspacing will help. In that instance a 275/70/17 will fit snugly inside that wheel well.

So to make this setup work on factory stock wheels you will need the following:

The stance will look good and there will be zero body scrub.

For anything bigger than that you will need to upgrade the suspension first to increase ride height allowing taller, wider tires to fit without any dramas. Also a rim with a more negative offset will allow you to fit 33”+ tires.

SFA (Solid Front Axle) Ford F150 accomplish this much easier

What is the Offset of a Ford Ranger Wheel?

The offset of a standard Ford Ranger 2019 is 55mm. If you want to improve your wheel offset, in order to fit wider tires, you can insert a wheel spacer to improve the clearance from the steering knuckle and allow you to upgrade to 33” tire sizes.

2019 Ford Ranger Bolt Pattern

The new Ford Rangers bolt pattern is:

Ford Ranger Bolt PatternPCD 6×139.7 (6×5.5)


You can purchase Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers here

You can purchase 2.5” Ford Ranger Front Leveling kits here

Purchase 3” Leveling Kits: Purchase 3” Leveling kits here

Pro Comp 2.25″ Leveling Lift Kit with Big Tire Kit- 62180


IF you would like to play around with tire configurations the below link is a cool tool you could use.

When doing any tire upgrade its important to pay attention to how big you are going since it can have a negative effect on fuel economy and your speedometer reading if you go too big. You will need to upgrade your suspension if you ever want to venture off-road and I would suggest first doing a suspension upgrade before you think of bigger tires.

Remember bigger isn’t always better since heavier tires will increase the unsprung weight on your 4WD causing it to use more fuel and even decrease torque on the wheels.

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